Radio, TV & Online Host

Monty is a fresh, fun, outspoken and individual voice on national radio, TV and on-line.

Best known from her national radio shows on the KIIS and Nova networks, Monty currently co-hosts the 3PM Pickup with Yumi Stynes and Bec Judd Nationally. She has co-hosted National Drive with Ryan Shelton and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli, Sydney Breakfast with Merrick Watts and Scott Dooley as well as her own weekend Breakfast show Saturday Morning with Monty’ on the Nova network.  Monty has also recorded regular podcasts with Kate Langbroek, Chrissie Swan and Twentysomething’s Jess Harris

In 2013 Monty took on the role of Team Captain in the comedy TV quiz show, Tractor Monkeys on ABC1 alongside Dave O’Neil and host Merrick Watts.  Known for her honest fresh opinions and sense of fun, Monty has also appeared as a guest on well-known TV shows including Have you Been Paying Attention?, Talkin’ Bout Your Generation, The Project, The Today Show, Weekend Today, Studio 10 and The Circle.

In early 2013 Monty co-founded and launched a new webventure Show + Tell Online, which quickly found a keen and loyal audience engaged in Monty’s insightful and entertaining video interviews with Australia’s most intriguing personalities.  Show + Tell also keep tabs on the latest trends in food and homes and continues to grow it’s on-line reach every month.

While juggling her media commitments, Monty loves being a mum to Baxter and Arlo.

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