Journalist, Writer & Host

Elfy Scott is the senior producer and host of the daily news show, The Junkee Takeaway on Facebook Watch.

Her journalism and columns have featured in The Guardian, The Saturday Paper, BuzzFeed News, SBS, 10 Daily, Vice and Broadly.

Elfy also worked with BuzzFeed News as the newsroom’s first science news fellow, as well as co-hosting and producing the weekly online news show All Caught Up.

Elfy is a passionate story-teller and loves creating engaging science journalism.

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Dreamy swim in Albury with this pack of dogs 💕 ...

Hey hi having a great time at this restaurant, happy Friday! I’m drunk. ...

I got to a point with climate change research a while ago where I just had to try and put all the distress and sadness to the back of my mind because it was infecting my day to day life.

But honestly, some days it’s still too much. We have an entire generation questioning whether or not to have children because the future looks so bleak and a government that’s still plainly refusing to act.

Hope is an active choice and sometimes it just gets incredibly tiring.