Physician, Leader & Speaker

Nick Coatsworth has an unrivalled breadth of experience in the delivery of healthcare to Australians.

Most recognisable as the spearhead of Australia’s COVID 19 advertising campaign, Nick has now taken on the role of Nine Network Medical Expert and in 2024 will host a four part science documentary exploring the prospect of living forever.

He is a specialist in both infectious diseases and respiratory medicine.  As well as leadership positions in federal and state health departments, Nick has led humanitarian teams for Medicins Sans Frontiers and Australian Medical Assistance Teams, practising humanitarian medicine in the Congo, the Darfur region of Sudan, and the Philippines.  He continues to work on the frontline at Canberra Hospital as a physician.

In 2022 he was honoured by the University of Western Australia, his alma mater, with an Honorary Doctorate for services to medicine.

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