Melbourne born and bred, Tayla comes from a family of immigrants and is incredibly proud of her roots – knowing she owes much of her opportunities to her family’s journey to Australia. 

With over 15 years of training with both the Children’s Performing Company of Australia and Victorian Youth Theatre, Tayla is equipped with a wide range of styles and skills. 

Before graduating in 2013 from Caulfield Grammar School, Tayla was awarded the state’s VCE Performing Arts Scholarship and went on to feature as a lead in Chris Lilley’s internationally acclaimed J’amie Private School Girl. 

In 2018, Tayla graduated with a four-year Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Public Relations. During this time, she performed in lead roles across multiple TVC’s for: Victoria University, Target, The Transport Accident Commission (TAC), and was cast in a supporting role in the Logie-winning television series, Nowhere Boys. 

Most recently, Tayla played the recurring role of Constable Eliz Arkin in Neighbours.

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