Actor, Writer, Musician

Max Jahufer (he/him) is a proud TransMan and stands as a multifaceted, writer, actor, musician and the Director and Founder of FutureStudio, a Melbourne-based digital and design agency. Max’s exceptional musical talent emerged early, captivating audiences with his magnetic performances, when he fearlessly competed in The X Factor 2010, earning a coveted spot in Ronan Keating’s Top 6. ater landing a recording deal and writing and producing his first single.

In 2022 Max rekindled his love for writing as he contributed to the development of the script of “A Savage Christmas,” immersing himself in a writer’s room as community consultant. This project not only marked his return to the creative process but also signalled his acting and producing debut as Kane, the male lead in the film as well as co-producer.

Max’s commitment to authentic representation shone through, as he ensured the trans voice was heard, contributing to the script from a trans perspective, and in his authentic and warm performance of Kane.

Max’s involvement in the film not only showcases his artistic versatility but also underscores his dedication to promoting inclusivity and ensuring authentic representation in the entertainment industry. As Max continues to break boundaries and redefine norms in various artistic spheres, he remains a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

His journey is an inspiration, reminding us of the power of authenticity and the ability of art to transcend boundaries.

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