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TV Personality, Brand Collaborator & Event Host, Lorinska Merrington is currently starring in the candid reality series ‘Yummy Mummies’ on the Seven Network. When she woke up one morning to find her Instagram followers had tripled overnight (She has over 400k on Instagram alone), she was advised the show had begun broadcasting in the UK.

Lorinska has also co hosted the Good Friday Appeal coverage alongside Andrew O’Keefe and has also been a guest co host and regular contributor on 3AW with Darren James and other various radio shows around Australia.

Lorinska has been involved in event hosting for ‘Spring Racing Carnival’s Stakes Day Fashion’,  ‘Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’, ‘Fashion on the Fields’ for Melbourne Racing Club, Chadstone Fashion Stakes at Caulfield Races and Fashion Aid.

Lorinska’s huge online following has seen her collaborate with brands across Australia and Internationally. Some of these brands include bbox for kids, Hello Fresh, Cadbury, Village Cinemas and ProPlenish. She was also the face of Ascot Racing in Perth, where she resided for six years. Lorinska has walked countless catwalks at Melbourne and Perth Fashion Weeks and has also modelled abroad for fashion labels, magazines and for live shows.

As an Educator and qualified Primary School Teacher, Lorinska specialises in early childhood development and integration for children with a range of special needs.

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I can't believe this new, active baby who has replaced my squishy newborn! Florence has new skills to new sounds, it seems like every day brings another chance for you to show off your skills (Frozen @bboxforkids)

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👩🏼‍⚕️ MEET ANOTHER EXPERT👩🏼‍⚕️ Welcome to the world baby!
The first 24-48- hours of your babe’s life is a huge transition, for you and for your babe.
You’ve just gone through childbirth, and your body has some serious recovering to do over the coming months.
Rest may not come as easy now, as you have a little babe to care for.
In the first 24-hours, your babe will likely have a big feed before having a nice long snooze (up to 8-hours for some babes!) Use this opportunity to rest up.
From 24-48 hours, your babe will likely go on a feeding frenzy. Go with it and trust your body will make the milk you need to feed your babe.
Enjoy these precious early days with your babe!
For more baby and toddler feeding, sleep and early parenting tips, head to @jenbutlerearlyparenting

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✨ BEAUTIFUL BIRTHS ✨ Meet our new expert @dr_kate_levett on our and read her thoughts on birth- Beautiful births – amazing hormones!
When birth is undisturbed, Mum’s and baby’s natural hormones sync with each other for bonding and attachment. In particular oxytocin – the hormone of love and labour. This will be the biggest spike in oxytocin in your whole life! Dad’s and partner’s hormones are involved too! Did you know that Dad’s/partner’s prolactin increases during an undisturbed birth?
Pharmacological pain management can interrupt the normal hormones of labour. Using techniques like acupressure, breathing, massage and visualisation for pain relief in labour, can help to boost your natural hormones and assist with your birth. Your body is amazing!
Feel free to read and connect with me in the or @dr_kate_levett, or visit my website at

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