Blair Joscelyne

TV Host, YouTuber, Composer

Blair Joscelyne (also known as “Moog”) is a musician, presenter and Youtube personality from Sydney, Australia. He is the co-creator and co-host of the Youtube series ‘Mighty Car Mods’ which is one of the worlds most watched automotive programs with over 5 million followers on social media. With a staggering, worldwide weekly audience of millions, the show has accumulated over 1 billion views on YouTube, and has also broadcast globally on Discovery Channel.  

In 2024 has seen Blair Joscelyne co-host the newest iteration of the worldwide series of Top Gear on Paramount+.   

Blair Joscelyne is an established professional musician for the last 20 years, his original music has been used by some of the biggest brands in the world including BMW, Toyota, VISA, Smirnoff, AUDI, McDonalds, Ford and Volvo. He composed the 4-note musical nemonic “Zoom Zoom” for Mazda and produced the theme song for Jetstar Airways. As a songwriter and producer, Blair has had numerous #1 songs on the iTunes Electronic Charts and over 50 million streams. 

Blair is a proud ambassador for the mental health charity ReachOut.  

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