Dr Nick Coatsworth hosts ground-breaking new Nine Series

Posted 5 Jun 2024

Dr Nick Coatsworth and Tracy Grimshaw host ground-breaking four-part experiment on the Nine Network, Do You Want to Live Forever?

Dr Nick Coatsworth Do You Want to Live Together Nine NetworkThe series will put four pairs of everyday Australians under the microscope, testing the limits of human longevity in which they will embark on a life-changing 12-week journey of discovery, exploring the intricacies of health and ageing, seeking the secret to turning back their biological age.

From billion-dollar breakthroughs to simple secrets, Tracy and Nick will travel the globe, visiting the blue zones—regions known for their high concentrations of centenarians—to investigate scientific advances in ageing and discover the latest developments in longevity.

Dr. Nick Coatsworth has an unrivalled breadth of experience in the delivery of healthcare to Australians and has now taken on the role of Nine Network’s Medical Expert. Most recognisable as the spearhead of Australia’s COVID 19 advertising campaign, Dr. Nick Coatsworth has been a trusted voice, providing clear and evidence-based information to help guide public health policies and individual behaviour.

Do You Want To Live Forever? airs Monday 17th June at 7:30pm.