Steph Prem set to open Melbourne’s new Premier Health Club

Posted 17 Feb 2015


Steph Prem, Winter Olympian and founder of Premium Performance, is a breath of fresh air in an era of #fitspo.

Although a leading fitness trainer and pilates instructor, you won’t find her flaunting her abs or booty on Instagram. Premium Performance has a different message to spread. It’s not about transformation, or about striving for that perfect before and after picture.

“Be kind to yourself”, says Steph of her simple message. “Don’t overdo it – it’s not about trying to kill yourself in the gym every day.” This refreshing approach sees Steph focus on building health and fitness from the inside out, and helping clients find a balance they can maintain.

This realistic and welcome method gives clients something that can last forever. The Premium Performance focus on feeling good, rather than looking good, sees glowing results without the stress of overworking your body and deprivation. Premium Performance members come back each week because they love the way they feel, not just how they look. They are stronger, have more energy, and feel better about themselves.

“I come from a professional sports background where performance is about how your body operates, not how you look. The Premium Performance method is for anyone, anywhere, making it perfect for busy women,” says Steph of her method.

Premium Performance workouts are effective, can be done anywhere, do not require any equipment, and like Steph, are completely real and no-nonsense.

Science has linked the selfie to narcissism, addiction and low self-esteem. Steph wants to encourage people to take a step away from mirror and the camera, and focus on how they feel inside.

Steph will launch her new studio, Studio PP in March 2015. The space is poised to be Melbourne’s premier health club including, personal training, pilates reformer, bootcamp, yoga and nutrition all under the one roof.
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