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If the early bird catches the worm, best friends Lise and Sarah truly are the metaphorical worms of Aussie radio and currently at the helm of their National Early Breakfast Show, Those Two Girls 5am – 6am on Southern Cross Austereo’s HIT network across Australia:

About Lise and Sarah 

Blasting onto the Australian media scene together in 2017, Lise and Sarah are a duo with a difference. Lise and Sarah were co hosts of the Gold Coast Breakfast show on the HIT Network for 1 year before pairing back to focus on their National Early Breakfast show in 2020. The real-life friends are on-air and on-stage presenters who walk the line between smart, self-deprecating, and irreverent; making them sought-after MCs and guest speakers.

Present and past clients include:

  • Business Chicks (interviewing high profile Australians such as Julie Bishop, Sarah Jessica Parker and Leigh Sales, and hosting various 9 to Thrive conference stages)
  • Chandon Australia
  • Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council
  • Penguin Books Australia (Zoe Foster Blake’s book launch)
  • Universal Pictures
  • Suncorp Australia
  • Hello Fresh
  • Youngcare Australia, and many more.
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We 🖤 you, Victoria!
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@jesswolfee from @farmeraustralia chatted to Aunty Lise and Aunty Sarah and spilled all the tea about Farmer Alex, the Babinda Pub, and that kiss with Henrietta. Download the podcast now - link in bio 🎧 ...

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Flappy hands, here! 😂 ~ Sarah
[ Credit: @daniellabelle1 🏃🏻‍♂️🙌🏼]

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This man is a d̶e̶n̶t̶i̶s̶t̶ firefighter so we can't show you his face. 'Morning Dane. But the fact he's wearing a dressing gown may prompt you to ask, what sort of dressing gowns do firefighters wear? TTG - preferred and used by 2 x as many Danes* as any other dressing gown. {*cameo by Minnie}
Be more like Dane this Father's Day. Only five weeks to go, and our charcoal 'TURN GOWN FOR WHAT' robes are flying off the shelves/Lise's guest bed!
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