Martin Quinn was born in Melbourne, and spent most of his life by the sea in Williamstown. Obsessively devouring books and films from a young age, with no sign of diminishing interest, a creative career seemed inevitable. An early taste of a TV set with a guest role in “As the Bell Rings” crystalized that feeling.

After further acting in school productions, there was nothing else for it, and he decided to pursue the craft at WAAPA, from which he has just emerged. Performing the role of Garry Essendine in Present Laughter, Noel Coward’s ego gargantuan, was a particular highlight. Other favourite productions at WAAPA included The Threepenny Opera, Victory and Twelth Night

Martin is also a writer of fiction and screenplays, but has been informed that treatment is available.

Review – Thrupenny Opera WAAPA 2017

‘McCourt and the booming-of-voice Martin Quinn, as Celia and J.J. Peachum, were the Thenardiers of their time in an immensely enjoyable double act. I loved the swagger McCourt gave Celia and Quinn, as Present Laughter also demonstrated, plays pompous rogue with aplomb.’

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