Journalist, Presenter, Author

In 2019, Marc Fennell was introduced to international audiences when his Audible original podcast “It Burns! The Scandal-Plagued Race to Breed the World’s Hottest Chilli” raced up the (USA) charts. The quirky, soulful, award-nominated documentary about pain and peppers was named one of the best podcasts of the year by Esquire (UK) and Marc was dubbed “a cheerful Aussie version of Louis Theroux” by The Times (UK).

As a journalist, Marc has produced documentaries around the world on everything from Hong Kong Billionaires to Megachurches, Sex in Japan to Torture Survivors. Marc’s one-on-one interviews with newsmakers like Al Gore, Tom Cruise, Julian Assange, Jennifer Lawrence have generated over 30 million online views and 3 United Nations Media Award Nominations.

Marc has worked with the BBC, Viceland, ABC (Australia), Showtime, Monocle, Red Bull and he’s spent the last 7 years hosting the nightly live national public affairs programme The Feed on Australian broadcaster SBS.

Marc is also the Creative Director of the not-for-profit organisation Media Diversity Australia which aims to create opportunities and mentorships for the next generation of diverse broadcasters. Marc is based in Australia (from half Singaporean, half-Irish stock) and has two lovely (albeit nocturnal) kids.

Picture Credit Richard Sawyer.

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