Radio Personality

Luke Forrest has been dominating community radio for the past 2 years – in particular the last year with Jay Bruno and Alex Nation on their Wednesday Morning Breakfast show Jay, Foz and Alex on 97.7fm. There is not much about Luke that doesn’t scream out “Australian”, including his cheaply made “thongs” that are held together by a bread loaf clip.

He will steal your DVDs, your jokes and your girls, but he does it with a smile that breaks anyone’s most negative moods. That’s the thing with Luke, He is always smiling. Until he met his fiancé!

Like most “insta-famous” accounts, he grew up on the beaches of Phillip Island but now frequents the park benches around Seaford. Luke’s background is heavily influenced by sports, travelling, the trade industry and most recently, Radio!! His humour, happy go lucky attitude and the fact that he doesn’t take life to seriously naturally draw people to him.

In his downtime he loves surfing, making coffees, talking old school wrestling, and convincing his fiancé that watching the big bash league every night is great for their relationship!

Luke’s passion has always been for radio, public speaking and presenting but he wanted to travel and have a lot of life experience to share before taking the plunge. He has also been panel operating on his show for the past year and a half.

Luke Forrest;

  • knocked back a multi-million dollar modelling contact with a table tennis manufacturer to focus on community radio
  • “Will doing a full time radio gig affect my ability to obtain and consume charcoal chicken?”
  • Is convinced his fiancé is one step away from joining the world of KMART Shopping Instagram Accounts
  • Even if he was “choppered” in, got given $750 dollars plus free drinks and food, there is no way in hell he is ever going to the Portsea Polo
  • Feels he is the better looking, smarter and the most charismatic one of out of the 3 hosts on their radio show.
  • #Aspiration is to go from spiritual Mayor of Seaford to part-time Mayor of Seaford.
  • Wants to show the world that a genuine everyday bogan from Seaford with a PO BOX in Phillip Island, can make it in this world
  • His extra talents include annoying his fiancé, darts, spending a heap of money, collecting coasters from the Seaford RSL, and mowing his lawns
  • Every time his fiancé mentions having kids he buy her a dog, it seems to work… they have 4 dogs now!
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