Actress / Media Personality & Radio Host

Media Personality Christie Hayes is Multi-platformed. Having won the 2018 ACRA for Best Newcomer On-Air, she then went on to co host Illawarra’s number 1 breakfast show on i98fm.

In 2019 Christie joined the cast of ‘Neighbours’ in a guest role, juggling her time between filming and recording her radio show.

An Australian actress best known for her work on Home and Away, Christie attended her local Drama School and when she was 14, she was nominated as Best Actress in the NSW Shakespeare Festival after her portrayal as Helena, in “A Midsummer night’s Dream”.

In 1997, she won a scholarship to the prestigious McDonald College of Performing Arts, where she studied drama. In 1999, she was cast as a series lead “Maria” in the Grundy production “The Search For Treasure Island.” Christie spent 6 months working on the series until it wrapped. She was then cast as series regular “Kirsty Sutherland” on Channel 7’s “Home and Away” in 2000. She spent 6 years working on the show, during which time nominated for a TV week Logie award.

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