Podcaster & Content Creator

Ash Wicks, also known as Jampikelets is a comedian and content creator, who has gained a significant following on social media with his hilarious skits around the everyday family dynamics.  

Ash Wick’s Instagram and TikTok pages are filled with funny sketches and videos, that showcase his unique sense of humour, often poking fun and himself (and his very patient wife April). His content is loved by so many as it’s relatable and authentic, which is why he has amassed more than 300K+ followers on Instagram and nearly 500K on TikTok.  

Ash’s relatability and laid-back approach to life is one of the many reasons his podcast that he launched in 2023 with Matty J; Two Doting Dads, has become such a huge success. The two were invited to host the Australian Podcast Awards in 2023.  

Aside from his comedic talents, Ash Wick’s has also worked with several well-known brands including Vegemite, Telstra, Budgy Smugglers, Lululemon, Donut King and Kayo. These partnerships have allowed him to bring his humour to a wider audience while showcasing his creativity and versatility as a content creator. 

Ash Wicks & Matty J’s first children’s book; The Quest for Free Time will be released in August 2024 with Penguin.

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