Dr Amantha Imber’s tips for Melbournians getting through Lockdown 4.0

Posted 7 Jun 2021

Dr Amantha Imber told 10 News what her top tips are for helping Melbournians getting through Lockdown 4.0. These are tips that are also useful for any remote working situations.

  • Prioritise human connection, especially if you live alone. Book in time to chat on the phone to friend, or go for a walk with someone who lives within your 10km radius.
  • If you’re juggling work and home schooling, lower your expectations, don’t try to do it all. Go easy on yourself!
  • Design a daily routine that will bring you joy or calm, for example going for a walk to get your morning coffee

You can learn so much more from Dr Imber’s hugely popular podcast, How I Work – available on Apple, Google and Spotify.