Chef Ryan Vs Steph Prem Workshop

Posted 26 Nov 2015

Stick to your healthy New Years Resolutions!

What do Olympian Steph Prem’s workouts and Master chef Ryan Lording’s Moroccan cauliflower and eggs have in common? They are both as addictive as each other and the two industry leaders are joining forces to bring you 2015’s hottest healthy workshop yet.

Do your New Years resolutions include weight-loss, being fitter, healthier, stronger and happier in 2016???? Enter Master chef Ryan Lording (Head chef of Melbourne’s acclaimed healthy cafe Tall Timber) and Winter Olympian and expert trainer Steph Prem (Founder/ director, Studio PP). Both have endured their own health
and fitness battles and are here to share their secrets and help you stick to those healthy new years resolutions for 2016 in a dedicated, healthy and delicious way.

Join the ultimate duo for a 2 hour health and fitness workshop where Steph will kick things off (and kick your ass) with a creative ‘Olympic’ inspired workout that you have you sweating without even leaving your yoga mat -and you will be able to take home and continue the workout methods through the holiday season. Post workout, Chef Ryan will take the group through a nutritious (and delicious) hands on cooking class. He will also share his top nutrition and entertaining tips on staying healthy throughout the silly season-All meals and snacks will be taught, prepared and eaten/devoured on the day!

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