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Colin McLaren has become known worldwide as the man that (at last) solved the JFK assassination. His answer to the holy grail of all unsolved crimes has been embraced by critics and JFK aficionados globally. He has a huge following in the USA due to his investigative work. A documentary on his findings – JFK: The Smoking Gun is always showing, weekly, somewhere in the States. He uses forensic science and crime scene analysis to prove his case and the results are compelling; that is, the fatal shot that hit Kennedy’s head was from a Secret Service agents AR 15 rifle that was accidently discharged whilst Lee Harvey Oswald was firing on the President. His facts are rock solid!

Colin found dozens of witnesses that were standing near the President’s limo when the Secret Service shot JFK. They were denied their opportunity to give vital testimony to the Warren Commission. Sensationally, film maker Oliver Stone came out in the media in August 2016 to say he was told by a Secret Service agent that one of the crew accidentally shot JFK. This vindicates Colin’s four year study of the case.

Colin’s talk on his JFK findings and many trips to Dallas Texas is gripping.  A dramatic TV series of his work is in development in America. His own documentary JFK: The Smoking Gun was voted best international documentary and his book was also a sensation and is still on the book shelves!

As a Producer and Narrator, Colin has just finished making a documentary into the killing of Princess Diana. His 90 minute feature – Princess Diana’s Death: Mystery Solved – was shown in USA to huge audiences and around the world. Filmed in London & Paris by Bedlam Productions – of A King’s Speech fame – the Diana documentary scrutinises the French police investigation and found glaring faults in their work. Colin tracks down the missing Fiat Uno car and driver that collided with Diana’s Mercedes and proves a massive cover-up by authorities. His factual investigation has caused ripples within the French and English establishment.

Colin’s talk on the death of Lady Diana will have you shocked at what evidence the Police missed. He was at the crime scene back in 1997 and uses his own crime scene photographs to prove Diana’s car was airborne before it slammed into the tunnel at 110 MPH / 180 KPH.

Before solving some of the world’s most fascinating cases Colin served in Australia’s elite crime squads investigating Australia’s most horrendous crimes. He was a team leader on a kidnapping and murder investigation of little girls and (later) on the Walsh Street police murders as well as the bombing of the NCA law enforcement building. He served on more task forces than any serving detective of his time and sent Australia’s mafia godfather to jail (and 10 other bosses) by going undercover in the country’s largest ever covert sting, posing as a drug dealing money launderer.

Colin is a successful author, having written five books. His first book, ‘Infiltration‘ is still the largest selling crime genre book of the past 10 years. It was turned into an Underbelly movie in 2011, starring Sullivan Stapleton. He has also been technical adviser on Telemovies and has written storyline material for many TV series. In all, Colin has appeared on more than two hundred USA, Canadian and Australian media outlets discussing his projects and also produced the 2014 Los Angeles TV show Inside the Evidence.

In 2015 Colin was invited by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences – Emmy Awards – to be part of their Judging Panel. Each year Colin judges in the category of Best Documentary and Best Major News Story. He is honoured to be the only Australian judge on the Emmys.

Colin is also one of our Key Note Speakers, his one hour talk focuses on the JFK Assassination and the untimely death of Princess Diana, using archival & dramatic footage.

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