Our management style is personal, boutique and hands on.

Claire Savage

Head of Talent & Talent Manager

Director and Head of Talent, Claire Savage (McLennan) oversees all client services including recruitment, brand & image, social media and marketing. Claire is also a hands on Talent Manager working across all clients on media contracts, merchandising, print, digital, TV, Radio, corporate and Theatre. Her media and management career began in the 90’s when she entered commercial advertising as a project and production manager in the broadcast and corporate sector working locally and internationally with some of Australia’s largest advertising agencies on blue chip clients and international brands.

She moved into the field of Talent Management in 2006 working with senior agents and supervising an acting division before being promoted to a senior management role in which she supported the career strategies of a roster of 25+ artists including some of Australia’s most high profile television and radio hosts and presenters – most of who have remained with her over the past ten years. Claire brings her established relationships with local and international media networks and production companies, casting directors, producers, program directors and executive producers for all genres of media performance roles.

Cathy Baker

Managing Director and Talent Manager

MD and Talent Manager Cathy Baker has 25 years experience in mainstream media as a journalist, publicist, casting director, television program writer, and producer. She has worked across a wide range of genres including news, current affairs, lifestyle, variety, drama, special events, documentary and game shows. Her experience transverses commercial, pay and public electronic broadcasting, local and international television, radio and on-line content.

As a Talent Manager, Casting Director and Production Executive, Cathy has drawn on her professional media journey to identify, nurture and place talent in wide ranging genres and launch careers. Cathy brings a 360 view of the industry and proven track record of sourcing and managing contracts across all media -publishing, radio, TV , merchandising, commercial and digital. Her creative business practice of writing career and performer brand strategies together with her extensive relationships with key decision makers in the Australian media have been of benefit to many performers who have grown with her guidance to become high profile personalities. Cathy is also passionate about the next generation of talented people and coined the term “Friend of your Career”. She offers newcomers and aspiring talent a forum to access informal advice and support.

James Grierson

Head of Acting & Talent Manager

James Grierson’s solid reputation across Australia’s media, arts and entertainment industries has come from his 20 years plus, managing high profile and established artists as well as developing newcomers careers with advice and sourcing opportunities. As a respected and dedicated manager James has represented credited talent locally and internationally. He has used his industry know-how and relationships to discover, develop and launch the careers of aspiring actors, writers and performers.

James graduated with an Economics and Accountancy degree from the Australian National University in 1991. He decided the corporate world wasn’t for him and immediately commenced managing and promoting bands in Queensland and then Melbourne from 1995. After completing a graduate diploma in Arts and Entertainment Management at Deakin University he commenced work in the Melbourne Office of an International Management Company where he oversaw the career development of numerous actors, performers and presenters in the Australian film, TV and theatrical industries. He has extensive relationships with producers, casting directors, TV networks and theatre companies in Australia and continues to grow through his role at CMC Talent as head of the acting and performing division.